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Anne and Malgwyn

Meet Anne ELMER

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Anne ELMER and her husband Malgwyn live near the west coast of France where they are very active in both the English and French Christian communities. Originally from Lancashire in the North West of England, they have three children and 11 grand-children. Since moving to France in 1983, the Lord has led them to have an “open door” home and visitors from across the globe has benefited from their gift of hospitality. Together, they are praying in their vision of running a Christian Conference Center in France, and expect to see the fulfillment of this vision shortly. In 2001, Anne Elmer received several visions of the Church through the eyes of Jesus. These visions are described in her book Transported by the Lion of Judah and since its publication, she has been invited throughout the world to share her experiences and to encourage the churches to walk towards unity. (Jesus said “I have given them the glory . . . that they may be one as we are one…” John 17:22)

In 2013 Anne reluctantly published her second book “Creation Waits for Who?” based on Romans 8:19 “Creation is waiting for the sons of God to be revealed”. She is currently working on her third book which will include more of her adventures with the Lion of Judah.
She does not consider herself a writer, and the Lord confirmed that to her saying she was a speaker, not a writer, but that she must write the things He had given her to speak about.
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